Man, woman and violence

With the increasing number of sexual crimes being committed in the country, I am both alarmed and disturbed. What has changed that has marked such an increasing rate of violence against women. Violence seems to be the only answer our men have, whether it is the comfort of their own homes or workplace. What I believe is that men in general think that sexual subjugation will give them a semblance of control that they are fast losing in the ever-changing “equal” world that they live in.

Most of the people that we work along with are not sexual predators, they are not even close to being violent people, but why has this streak of violence surfaced in the recent times. I believe as the female population all over the world is busting myths, taking over the so-called male bastions, it is making the other half of our population insecure. places which they considered sanctimonious, jokes which they considered were their birthright are now being questioned. What they fail to understand is how this “physically frail” and the  “intellectually incompetent group” has been able to take a place in society that is rightfully theirs. This anger has to manifest itself somewhere, whether it is at home or outside. Men are born with the perception that they are superior beings and if  a woman is doing something, it is because they allow her to be the person she aspires to be.

It is disturbing to see that the so-called sophisticated and educated population of our cities also follow this kind of the thought process. The behaviour pattern changes with the kind of company they keep. A lot of men keep their sentiments to themselves and others protest vehemently complaining and getting agitated if a woman around them is gaining some control over her life.

Is it so difficult for people to accept that women in general can have aspirations that go beyond the boundaries created by men in their lives and that they as human beings have a right to be free to think and live as they choose?


Author: Ishita

What can i say in minimum words that will give you an idea of who i am? The truth is that each of us has our own perception of people in our live, or who they might be or not. We all are different people to everyone who crosses our life. you can let me know your perception of me. :)

3 thoughts on “Man, woman and violence”

    1. No, not at all. But I have experienced the society we live in, long enough, to understand that these concerns and questions are not imaginary. Violence does not necessarily have to be manifest or physical. It can be implicit and can affect us intellectually as well. Any person undermining your ability in any way, physically, mentally and intelectually is inflicting violence of some kind. It is all that I am questioning.

  1. one cant overlook the positive steps that are being taken in the context of violence against women to eradicate this problem ,,, last week I was going through a journal which had an article in it titled ” is feminism dead ” …. and while I sometimes look at the orthodox mindset of people arround whether degrading the position of women instance “pujniye asaram bapu” or the ones who are trying to upgrade their position in this patriarchal society. by comparing them with goddess laxmi or sometimes durga ..I don’tknow I find both of these arguments nothing more than a holy crap .. if want to fight for something why is it not equality .. who needs the so called goddess like darja just recognize women as equal (at least,, if not above .) feminism dead?? I hope it is not !!

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