Day 5: Satya ki Khoj (Search for Truth)

Walking aimlessly on the long road, with no particular destination in mind, Satya, abruptly came to a stop. The view was breathtaking. Standing on the ledge of an unexplored ridge, he looked across the vast expanse of big blue sky and the big green lands. An uninterrupted view of the sky, in the middle of a bustling city, he mused. After standing mesmerised for a few minutes, he moved ahead, towards the nearest tree. He sat down in the welcome shade near the shrubs and looked around……. something caught his eye disrupting his reverie. He moved towards it and bent down to pick up the offending clutter. It looked like a torn piece of paper. Yellowed with age, frayed at the edges and well worn. As if it had been read and re read and folded over may times lovingly. But it was definitely torn away by someone. The edges to the piece of paper were quite fresh. His interest piqued and he tried reading the washed out blue ink. The handwriting was beautiful but the letters seemed to disappear on the paper with age. It looked like the middle of a letter…… a letter from a mother to a child.

“…………… i am sure you are looking for answers, and you are blaming everyone around you including yourself. Don’t. You have to understand how much i loved you and how much i appreciate the chance god gave me to tell you that i love you. I might not be there to see you grow up, but i am there with you in your heart. Today i want to tell you that even if you are angry at me and the world in general, that is ok, but you should not be angry at yourself. You have to live life on your own terms. You have to become your own strength. Do not keep on looking for outside support for taking a stand. If you believe in something, don’t be afraid to express it. Do not be afraid to find yourself and revel in your uniqueness……….”

The letter was unfinished. Satya frantically started searching for other parts of the letter. By then he was intrigued. He had lost his parents at a very young age and the letter struck a chord, he wordlessly turned around, walking in the wilderness looking for the owner of this letter and tell them how lucky they were to find strength from  one who was protecting her child from the world beyond…………..


Author: Ishita

What can i say in minimum words that will give you an idea of who i am? The truth is that each of us has our own perception of people in our live, or who they might be or not. We all are different people to everyone who crosses our life. you can let me know your perception of me. :)

4 thoughts on “Day 5: Satya ki Khoj (Search for Truth)”

  1. Really touching. Richa what I feel that you have natural ability to hold the attention of the reader till the end of the story .at times it surprises but never ends abruptly. Great!!!!!

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