Day 6: Girl on the street

We gaze into computers and mobiles the whole day, when do you get the time to see any one, let alone see any one interesting.

I am look back at the past year and think back as to who was it, whom i can term to be positively interesting, one who has left an impact on my mind, even if it was miniscule… okay, i am not sure about the impact part, but interesting, most definitely.

One such instance would be a random meeting.

I had stepped out to visit my friend living at the other end of the city. On my way to subway trains, i took a taxi. It was a hot day and humid day and abrupt rains and scare of a high tide had people scrambling to get back home. Transport was scarce.

It was here when i noticed her. This lady was standing on the edge of the road trying to stop any form of public transport. She was well dressed and looked like she had stepped out of a nearby office. I was looking at her quite intently, and in the same moment she turned her head and we saw each other.

My taxi stopped at the red light and she came running to my taxi and said, “Can you please drop me to the nearest train station or taxi stand. It does not look like i will get a taxi here.”

As a girl growing up in India, i had always been told to be a little cautious of strangers. However, setting my prudence aside, i asked her to step in. She gratefully got in the taxi and closed the door.

She told me that she had been standing for quite some time. Upon asking, she told me she was an interior designer. She had started her own business when she turned 25.

This woman was in her early thirty’s. We were almost the same age. But she look more “put together” even after a random rain and running around than me, who was hassled because of the simple traffic jam.

What struck me was her simple, unarmed smile and a confidence to match. There are some people, who when you meet, exude positivity around them. She was one of those. Her calm gentle demeanour and her equally soft behaviour were an added quality.

We got talking and exchanged names. Not only was she professionally qualified, i found her to be knowledgeable as well. It has been my observation that in the world of internet and instant knowledge, people tend to veer towards pseudo intellectualism. If there is one thing that annoys me to that extent, it is this fake behaviour.

But this lady was genuinely well read. Readers like me would understand how difficult it is to find a likeminded book lover with whom you can have actual conversations on various topics. She was logical and clear in her mind. She was smart, genuine, funny and kind.

It was a short taxi ride and seemed to be even shorter as we were having a stimulating conversation. If we would have met in some familiar settings like a college, workplace etc, we would have been friends.


Author: Ishita

What can i say in minimum words that will give you an idea of who i am? The truth is that each of us has our own perception of people in our live, or who they might be or not. We all are different people to everyone who crosses our life. you can let me know your perception of me. :)

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