Day 3: Harmonious Notes

Honestly, today’s topic had me flummoxed.

The topic does not ask you to write about the three songs that you like most, what it does instead, is ask you the 3 most important songs of your life and their meaning. How do you decide which song is important and which is not. Let me try.

The first song that flashed through my mind was Let your heart hold fast, for this too shall pass by Fort Atlantic. A beautiful song, with even more beautiful message. (to listen to the song click here.) not only is this song my favourite, it is also very important.

It has been my belief, that nothing is permanent in this world. Change is the only constant in life. Every time i have been bogged down or felt as if my life has almost its lowest point, this phrase has given me strength like no other. It has helped me go through a lot of difficult phases. Like King Solomon[i] , i too go through life with the words “This too will pass” etched on my mind. I believe in the impermanence of everything, life, body, soul, actions, thoughts and most of all materialistic pleasures.

The second song that i think is the most important song is by: Humne Dekhi hai un aankhon ki mehakti khushboo, hath se choooke ise rishtey ka ilzam na do…. sirf pyaar hai ye rooh se mahsoos karo, pyar ko pyar hi rehne do koi naam na do……

(movie Khamoshi, Composed by Hemant Kumar, Penned by Gulzar and renedition by Lata Mangeshkar. You can listen to it here)

The song means that love is just love and cannot be expressed any other way. When we try and define it, or we try or we try to name it, we are limiting it and constricting it. Love is not a set of words but instead it is silence which hears and then speaks in its own language…..

I first heard this song when i was very young, hardly 10-11. On the threshold of my teenage years, and it left a great impact. I do not believe in romantic love. It happens, its beautiful, but its not just that. For me, still, love is all encompassing. It cannot be compartmentalised or defined. Everyone has their own way of understanding and expressing love. This post is not intended for this discussion, but i will soon write a separate entry discussing why i feel that love has been objectified in today’s world.

The third most important song i guess would be Happy by Pharrell Williams. Why? Because it makes me happy, instantly. J I guess, that is a good enough reason than any other!!

There so many other songs i want to list out, the list is endless. But i guess, i will have to limit myself for now….

This is the list as of today…… who knows, soon this too may pass… 😛